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Well dear followers of my blog, I have tried to post a few times in the last week, but with no success (obviously).
Although I hate to complain (but I will anyway) the "blogger" website I use has been giving me some issues lately, including this last time telling me that I have exceeded my limit of photos, and cannot upload any more to use on my posts. Which stinks because, lets be honest, you all read my blog so you can see pictures of the cute kid. Anyway, I may have to change cyber locations, or (even scarier) learn a little more about computers and this world wide web you kids are always talking about.

Thanks for sticking with me and hopefully I will be back to blogging soon... complete with color photos!



James turned two.

We had the big family party at our house for James, my cousins, and their son who was born just about a week after James.

I kind of did a construction theme, since James is super into "diggies" right now. We had plastic hard hats for James and his cousins to wear, but James made sure Lane wore one while he used his drill to hang up a mirror before the party began.

I also made a diggie cake using this cake recipe, simple frosting (powdered sugar, butter, milk, vanilla), and crushed Oreos for the "dirt."

James didn't quite understand that he was supposed to blow out the candles. He just wanted to eat the cake and play with those diggies.

I can't believe my baby boy is two! Wasn't it just the other day that he turned one?


fifty yard line

We've made it half way! As of yesterday, I am 20 weeks along with our next bundle of joy.

Truth be told, this pregnancy already feels longer than the first one. I'm not sure if it's because I was working full time and finishing my degree full time during my last pregnancy, or because now that I fully understand the joy of being a mother that I can't wait to meet our little Eleanor.

At any rate, we know that our little family won't just be the three of us (pictured here at the Corbett Fourth of July Parade) for long, so we need to soak up this special time we have.

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my maternity must-haves

In no particular order:

1. egg-less chocolate chip cookies (obviously, so I can eat the dough)...

...and a good helper who is just as enthusiastic.

2. really good pickles. My favorite are Carnegie Deli Kosher spears from Costco.

3. good moisturizers. I love anything from Burt's Bees, especially their Mama Bee line and Baby Bee line for James. I still believe that my lack of tummy stretch marks is thanks to Burt's Belly Butter. Now, if I had only known to put it on my legs...

4. pregnancy books. The Complete Organic Pregnancy is a good one if you don't scare easily (example: if you are not easily swayed into getting your wall paint and carpet tested for hazardous chemicals, even though the book insists that you should); but my ultimate favorite is The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, which gives a very laid back, informal look at all things to do with pregnancy. It is so good that I loaned it to a girlfriend about two years ago, and still haven't gotten it back (I'm lookin' at you, Becca Hamm!).

5. naps

6. a sense of humor

What about all the other Moms or Moms-to-be? What can you not live without while pregnant?

PS Thanks to my Fairy Blog-mother who has, once again, made my blog way cooler than I ever could, even though she is most likely very busy being a newly wed and blogging daily at her very own url. Thanks Jen (ahem, Mrs. Posford)!!!

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