James turned "fwee" last Monday. We had his joint party with cousin Nathan on Sunday.

There was a pinata (full of toys, glow sticks, and candy!) :

Presents (James is obsessed with his new drill; he keeps it in the garage next to Daddy's drill) :


Sister was exhausted from all the partying and took a power nap on Grandma:

I made a dino cake complete with an exploding volcano:

The birthday boys each waiting to blow out their three-year-old candle (but really just wanting to eat cake) :

horse-back riding:

This was the car ride home:

...a success!

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Elissa  – (July 30, 2013 at 9:23 AM)  

Can't believe that sweet boy is 3! So crazy.. miss you guys, give James and Elle a hug for me!

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